The International Centre for Geotechnics
and Underground Construction (CUC)

Rheinstrasse 4, P.O. Box 64 CH-7320 Sargans, Switzerland
Phone: ++41 81 725 31 13 Fax ++41 81 725 31 02
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For organisational reasons, all commercial activities of CUC are
operated through a limited liability company, International Centre
for Geotechnics and Underground Concstruction AG

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The Foundation, International Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction
(CUC), was established in Switzerland in July 2000.

CUC is an industry sponsored Foundation, specifically set up to provide short,
practically oriented, industrial training courses for engineers, technicians and
operators in all aspects of tunnel and underground construction.

CUC is funded by contributions from its Founders, Contributors and Sponsors.
Participation in CUC is open to any companies or organisations that are involved with
underground construction. These may be Owners & Clients, Contractors,
Consultants, Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Located in Sargans, eastern Switzerland, CUC is ideally situated to utilise the
comprehensive underground training facilities of the Hagerbach Test Gallery.
These 4.5 km of test tunnels and galleries also contain training rooms and a
restaurant in rock caverns, thus providing an ideal site for both theoretical and practical training.
However, CUC is,able to be put on training courses at other locations anywhere in
the world.
Wherever and whenever possible, CUC courses will endeavour to include visits to actual projects
where the latest technologies may be witnessed in action.

CUC also acts as an industry showcase for new products, systems and techniques
in the underground sector. Participants in CUC are able to put on Events in order
to illustrate and demonstrate their developments to a selectively invited audience.

Networking is actively encouraged so that strategic alliances, partnerships and research
and development programmes are set up.


Theoretical and practical training in an underground environment on geotechnics, machinery, equipment products and construction methods.
Company and topic specific deminars to explain and demonstrate the use of products, systems and technologies to selectively invited audiences.
Identification and establishment of industry specific R&D programmes.
Site Visits
Arrangement of visits to job sites, such as the NEAT projects, where the latest developments in technology are being utilised for the safe and efficient construction of the world's longest tunnel.
Networking between to form strategic alliances and partnerships for project and market approaches, intelligence, joint ventures and research and development programmes for mutual benefit and business development.