Welcome to CUC


Welcome to the CUC

International Centre for Geotechnics
and Underground Construction (CUC)

A new concept in training, education, research,
development and global networking for the
underground construction industry.


  • Worldwide, the demand for underground facilities is growing at a rapid rate. For the realisation of all these facilities, the latest technologies are normally applied. Correspondingly rapid changes in technologies increase the necessity of well trained and experienced personnel in both practical and theoretical aspects of underground construction.
  • Recent years of recession and margin erosion in global construction markets have necessitated cost cutting and rationalisation by companies and organisations in efforts to remain profitable, or merely solvent. A direct result of this has been a significant reduction in the training programmes of major organisations within the underground sector.
    The establishment of a training centre, or Foundation, would help to address present global short-comings in
    the professional training of site practitioners in the industry.

  • Tunnelling and underground construction is a truly international sector of the construction industry. It also has the highest exposure to risk of any sector within the industry. Apart from the inherent risk in underground work, there is also an element of risk arising from participation in international contracts and joint ventures for companies. A third and much underestimated risk factor arises from the utilisation of inexperienced and untrained personnel in critical site operations, coupled with a lack of knowledge of the latest, most efficient construction systems and techniques that are available.
  • For the underground construction sector, an anomalous situation has therefore been created whereby a growing market sector appears to be investing less and less in training and research and development, while, at the same time, taking on more risk.
  • As underground projects get bigger, longer and deeper, new challenges face clients, designers and contractors. Apart from technical difficulties and environmental constraints that may arise, many major projects are now being built in extremely remote locations of the world, where simple logistics and the procurement of experienced personnel become major problems.
  • With the current global scenario, it has been concluded that there is a need for a central, independent body to be established in order to address many of the problems faced by organisations within the underground construction sector. This body would focus on the training, education and development of personnel in all major activities relating to underground construction.
  • In addition to the conducting of integrated practical and theoretical training courses, the body should act as an industry "showcase" where new ideas, products, systems and techniques can be demonstrated and know-how transferred to potential end users of such technology.
  • With the present status of education and know-how transfer within the underground sector in mind, it has been decided to establish an industry funded "Center of Excellence", named Foundation : International Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction (CUC).

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